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Building community through meaningful digital experiences


Throughout 2019 I will be working on my graduate thesis for a Master of Science in Integrated Digital Media at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. Sounds pretty intense right? Below I'll chronicle the ideation, iteration, failures, and triumphs. Join me, won't you?

Giving Things Structure


I worked on a draft of my paper outline, but am still unsure the most logical order for the background. I was happy that this assignment made me sit down and think of the methods and methodologies I will use.


Elizabeth introduced me to Lauren Petty, who will be my project advisor. It was nice to have to summarize my project, which I haven’t done in some time. Here’s what I wrote:

My project explores the impact that technology has on the propagation of conspiracy theories and the digital communities that form around it. I'm exploring if a return to tactile exposure to conspiracy theories can increase comprehension, curiosity, and empathy. I am interested in building a pop-up, interactive museum or experience. I'd like to educate people on the archetype of conspiracy theories and the techniques used to propagate them. Then, I'd like them to apply those techniques to create, proliferate, or explore existing theories or their own. This last part is still very nebulous to me.

Interviews & Audience

When my girlfriend asked me who the audience for the project was, I realized I had no idea. So I did some brainstorming and decided my target audience will be late adolescents. I have scheduled interviews with three highschool teachers to learn about their teaching pedagogy.

Why Adolescents?

  • Open to new ideas

  • Heavy internet users

  • Native internet users

  • Becoming politically active

  • Require education to consume consciously

Additional Thoughts

In an effort to work out the more nebulous aspects of my project, I will be building projects to play with the following ideas:

Teaching Method

  • Lecture (video)

  • Written

  • Interactive website

  • Exhibit

  • Interactive experience



  • Majecstic 12

  • JFK Assassination

  • Roswell Crash


  • Provide summary

  • Contemporary Context

  • Techniques

  • Questions

  • Activity (break it down, make it more convincing without altering the truth)

    • How would you change one that seems false to make it real (reptilians)

  • Reflection

Rose Bender