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Throughout 2019 I will be working on my graduate thesis for a Master of Science in Integrated Digital Media at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. Sounds pretty intense right? Below I'll chronicle the ideation, iteration, failures, and triumphs. Join me, won't you?

Scrambling: a background, advisor meeting, prototypes of dreams.

Background Draft

With the loss of a week to work on the background draft on my paper, I scrambled to reorient and reorganize the information I hoped to include in my background draft. The draft as it stands right now can we found here.

Meeting with Advisor

Lauren Petty and I met for coffee. We had an invigorating discussion and it was helpful to explain my project to someone who is coming from a totally blank slate. She helped walk through some of the final project, determining that it will be more of a thought-provoking artistic experience rather than a museum that presents actual scientific findings and asks users to share the conclusion.


Unfortunately, I spent every moment this week working on the background, so I was unable to work on my prototypes. Here are the four prototypes I have in mind to iterate on next week.

  1. Conflicting Shadows, Lunar Landing second phase of testing

  2. Perception and visuals create a photo that tells two different stories

  3. REDACTED Can you tell different stories using redcations?

  4. CONSPIRACY: The Game Cards Against Humanity-style card game that will test what you’ve learned so far

Teacher Interviews

Also have two interviews with high school teachers set-up, but had to move them as I was too swamped working to finish the background draft.

Rose Bender