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Building community through meaningful digital experiences


Throughout 2019 I will be working on my graduate thesis for a Master of Science in Integrated Digital Media at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. Sounds pretty intense right? Below I'll chronicle the ideation, iteration, failures, and triumphs. Join me, won't you?

Card Sorting (Phase One)

The photos above are from the card sorting session we completed during class. My inspirations are listed on yellow post-its, interests in fuchsia, and questions in teal (although I didn't get too far into the questions.

Over the next few days, I thought about the card sorting as I was going about my daily activities and found myself super intrigued by the exercise. I thought about diving right back in, but I felt there were a lot of areas of interest that I missed. So I did it again (on my bedroom wall).

I still feel like I missed a lot of inspiration and areas of interest, including those that I listed in the first card sort (like the impact of podcasting on a community) I also did more than five questions (oops). I decided to pick the five questions from both sessions that intrigued me most.

The Final Five

  1. How does design cross cultural lines?
  2. What is the impact of constant audio input?
  3. How can podcasts build community?
  4. How does easy access to technology increase the stories of underrepresented populations?
  5. How has on-demand television impacted the types of content we consume and our consumption habits?

Bonus! I made another timelapse video, this time it's only a minute and a half and there's music at regular speed.

Rose Bender