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Throughout 2019 I will be working on my graduate thesis for a Master of Science in Integrated Digital Media at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. Sounds pretty intense right? Below I'll chronicle the ideation, iteration, failures, and triumphs. Join me, won't you?

Strange and Unusual Youths: an informal analysis of creepy media

I was unable to find anything specifically analyzing creepy and macabre children's or adult media, so I turned to Reddit to help me out! I put together a quick discovery survey that you can view below. Please note, this survey is definitely leading! In the future, I will definitely refine these questions. For now, I'm just hoping to learn a little bit more about what people who are into true crime, conspiracy, and macabre media now were into as children. So far, there are 110 responses.

I am still in the process of analyzing the results, but so far I have cross referenced children's books and adult books, which you can view here on tab three "Children's Books"

Rose Bender