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Throughout 2019 I will be working on my graduate thesis for a Master of Science in Integrated Digital Media at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. Sounds pretty intense right? Below I'll chronicle the ideation, iteration, failures, and triumphs. Join me, won't you?

Curiouser and Curiouser

Discovery Research

I gave myself half-an-hour to research each question. I recorded the keywords I searched AND those that I didn't get to search (but think would be useful moving forward). This was a challenging assignment because it would often take a bunch of flops before you started to find the right keywords and get the types of papers you're looking for.

Documentation lives here. Each question is its own tab on the bottom of the sheet.

More Questions

Below are my additional questions. I thought the chapter on questions was great! Really helpful for when you get stuck and are like "uhm... there's nothing else to ask."

  1. How does design cross cultural lines?
  2. What attempts have been made to create a universal language?
  3. How have symbols been used historically to communicate? Have there been any accidental overlap?
  4. What is the impact of the location, shape, and color on the clarify of wayfinding signage?
  5. How do other cultures handle accessibility in wayfinding signage?
  6. How do people react to conflicting wayfinding signage? Does it vary across cultures?
  7. What is the impact of constant audio input?
  8. What is the history of personal, mobile audio input devices?
  9. How does auditory fatigue affect the human body, mind, emotions? 
  10. Do different types of music and sound (speech) have different effects on the body?
  11. Which has a greater impact: sound or silence?
  12. Can audio input be used to manipulate behavior? In what ways has this been attempted?
  13. How can podcasts build community?
  14. What has contributed to the rise of podcasting as a media?
  15. How prominent are external communities around individual podcasts (Facebook, Reddit)?
  16. Do people who listen to podcasts frequently share any commonalities?
  17. Do podcast listeners seek new information and POV or generate a bubble of affirmation?
  18. Can podcaster motivate their audiences to take action IRL? Particularly with politics.
  19. How does easy access to technology increase the stories of underrepresented populations?
  20. Has there been a rise in underrepresented populations telling stories and stories being told about them?
  21. Is there a difference in the amount of these stories told across different media?
  22. What defines an accessible media? What commonalities do they share?
  23. Do underrepresented populations feel as though their stories are being told more?
  24. Is there an impact on the accessibility and shared knowledge when underrepresented populations are exposed to them?
  25. How has on-demand television impacted the types of content we consume and our consumption habits?
  26. Has the environment in which we consume media changed? Are we watching with people or alone?
  27. What types of people only consume on-demand media? 
  28. What is the historical development of on-demand media? What is advertizing's role?
  29. What are the impacts of binge culture?
  30. How does binge TV create short moments of relelvence and community around a shared interest, only to disolve quickly after (like the 24-hour news cycle). These trends might be represented on Twitter.
Rose Bender